Essential Defenders (2005-2013)
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TP Vol 2 February, 2007 --In the Jaws of the Serpent!; ...The Snakes Shall Inherit the Earth!; A Garden of Earthly Demise!; Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant!; Banished to Outer Space; Beyond the Purple Veil!; Bird of Prey!; Bring Back My Body to Me, to Me...; Doomball!; Ealer Moves in Mysterious Ways!; Enter: The Headmen!; Evil in Bloom!; Exile to Oblivion!; Fangs of Fire and Blood!; Games Godlings Play!; Gold Diggers of Fear!; H... As in Hulk... Hell... And Holocaust!; I Think We're All Bozos in This Book!; Let My Planet Go!; Musical Chairs[Crossed Out] Minds! / My Life and Times (Good and Bad) / Step Into My Parlor...!; My Mother, the Badoon!; Nighthawk's Brain!; Panic Beneath the Earth!; Power Play!; Quoth the Nighthawk, ''Nevermore!''; Rampage!; Riot in Cellblock 12!; Savage Time!; The House of Shadows!; The Peerless Power of the Silver Surfer; The Serpent Sheds Its Skin; The Way They Were!; The Woman She Was...!; The World Destroyers; Three Worlds to Conquer!; To Catch a Magician!; Too Cold a Night For Dying!; Webbed Hands, Warm Heart!; Witchcraft in the Wax Museum!; Divide -- And Conquer!; Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch!; Prisoner of the Plantman!; The Origin of the Hulk!; The Ringmaster; The Torch Goes Wild!; The Torch Meets the Iceman!; This is a Plot?; Cover by Gil KaneL