Essential Defenders (2005-2013)
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TP Vol 3 July, 2007 A Garden of Earthly Demise!; A Round With the Ringer!; And Along Came... Ms. Marvel!; And in This Corner: The New Emissaries of Evil!; Bring Back My Body to Me, to Me...; Clea, the Mystic Maiden!; Defender of the Realm!; Evil in Bloom!; Exile to Oblivion!; Fury Times 5!; I Think We're All Bozos in This Book!; Intruder in the Sand!; Love, Anarchy and, Oh Yes... The Assassin!; Musical Chairs[Crossed Out] Minds! / My Life and Times (Good and Bad) / Step Into My Parlor...!; Night Moves!; Nighthawk's Brain!; Rage of the Rajah!; Riot in Cellblock 12!; The Power Principle, Part 1: The Prince and the Presence!; The Power Principle, Part 2: A Study in Survival!; The Power Principle, Part 3: Emotion, Ego...And Empty Expectations!; This World is Mine!; Val's New York Adventure!; We Must Free the Defenders!; Webbed Hands, Warm Heart!; Who Remembers Scorpio?, Part 1: Sinister Savior!; Who Remembers Scorpio?, Part 2: Rampage; Who Remembers Scorpio?, Part 3: Scorpio Must Die!; Who Remembers Scorpio?, Prelude; World Gone Sane?: 50 Million Bozeaux Can't Be Wrong!; Xenogenesis: Day of the Demons, Part 1: Agents of Fortune; Xenogenesis: Day of the Demons, Part 2: Tyranny and Mutation; Xenogenesis: Day of the Demons, Part 3: The Revenge of Vera Gemini!; Cover by Edward Hannigan - 'Ed Hannigan'L