Essential Defenders (2005-2013)
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TP Vol 5 July, 2010 ...Rising...; Between Sword and Hammer!; Beware... The Six-Fingered Hand!; Don't Let the Sun Come Up on Me!; Eternity... Humanity... Oblivion!; Hell on Earth!; Mind Games!; Of Spiders and Serpents!; Peace on Earth -- Good Will to Man; Renewal!; Slouching Toward Bethlehem; The Final Conflict?; The Hand Closes!; The Haunting of Christiansboro!; The Rock and Roll Conspiracy!; The Vampire Strikes Back!; The War to End All Wars!; The Woman Behind the Man!; To Judge a Nighthawk!; Yesterday Never Dies!; Don't Let the Sun Come Up on Me!; To Judge a Nighthawk!; Eternity...Humanity...Oblivion!; The Woman Behind the Man!L