Archer & Armstrong: The Complete Classic Omnibus
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HC January, 2016 ... And Then There Were Nuns; A Snatch In Time; Alligator; Bad Karma, Part 1; Bad Karma, Part 2; Darque Daze; Dead Again; Epilogue; Fossil Fuel; From Chaos ... Comes Order; House Rules; Housewreckers; If Killer Ninja Nuns Be My Destiny; Ladakh Attack; Lifelines, Part 1: Revival; More ... Trouble In Paradise; Neighbors; Prisoners Of The Macrobiotic Cult; Risen From The Dead; The Darque At The Top Of The Stairs; The Musketeers!; The Root Of The Problem, Part 1; The Root Of The Problem, Part 2; Trouble In Paradise; Unity, Part 11: Turok and Roll All Night; Unity, Part 3: Up Against the Wall, Mother; Vandals; Yule Be SorryL