Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson Omnibus
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HCC November, 2013 ...The Mauler!; A Grave Mistake!; Arms of the Octopus; Blind Alley; Child's Play; Dark Secrets; Devils; Elektra; Expose; Gangwar!; Gauntlet; Good Guys Wear Red!; Guts; Hunters; In the Hands of Bullseye; In the Kingpin's Clutches; Lady Killer; Last Hand; Marked For Murder!; Matt Murdock, Agent of... S.H.I.E.L.D.; Overkill; Paper Chase; Resurrection; Roulette; She's Alive; Siege; Spiked!; Stilts; The Assassination of Matt Murdock!; The Damned; The Kingpin Must Die!; The Widow's Bite; Till Death Do Us Part!; To Dare the Devil; Untold Tales of the Marvel Universe: New Life; What If Ghost Rider Were Separated From Johnny Blaze?; Where Angels Fear to Tread; A Grave Mistake!; Marked For Murder!; In the Hands of Bullseye; To Dare the Devil; Blind Alley; Expose; Arms of the Octopus; Till Death Do Us Part!; 2nd Edition; Cover by Frank MillerL