America at War: The Best of DC War Comics
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SC June, 1979 SC; Ace -- Minus One!; Blind Gunner!; Boiling Point!; Cold Steel for a Hot War!; Enlisting the Hard Way; Episode with Goat; Flying Baby-Sitter; Flying with the Red Dragon; Head Count; Killer of the Skies; Origin of the Blue Tracer; Origin of the Death Patrol; Out in Front!; Periscope Quarterback; Push-Button War!; Schaffner; Sgt. Rock's Battle Stations - The Sapper; Sink the Kaiser Adolf; Stay Down -- And Fight!; Tanks on the Hour; The Cming of the Yankee Eagle; The D-Day Sun; The Origin of Blackhawk; The Origin of Miss America; The Rock and the Wall!; Pressure PointL