Detective Comics (1937-2011, 2016-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
640 January, 1992 The Idiot, Part 4: The Cook, The Bat and The IdiotL
641 February, 1992 Destroyer, Part 3: A Dream is Forever; Cover by Jim AparoL
642B March, 1992 The Return of Scarface, Part 2: Gleeding Heart; Direct Edition; Cover by Norm BreyfogleL
643B April, 1992 The Library of Souls; Direct EditionL
644B May, 1992 Wired; Direct EditionL
645A June, 1992 Electric City, Part 2: Grounded!; Direct Edition; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
646 July, 1992 Systemic Shock; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
647 Early August, 1992 Inquiring Minds; Cover by Matt WagnerL
648 Late August, 1992 Let the Puzzlement Fit the Crime; Cover by Matt WagnerL
649 Early September, 1992 Malled; Cover by Matt WagnerL
650 Late September, 1992 The Dragon; Cover by Alan WeissL
651B Early October, 1992 A Bullet for Bullock; Direct Edition; Cover by Kelley JonesL
652B Late October, 1992 Beyond the Law!; Direct Edition; Cover by Travis CharestL
653 November, 1992 The Serpent Pit; Cover by Travis CharestL
654B December, 1992 God of Battle; Direct Edition; Cover by Sam KiethL