Detective Comics (1937-2011, 2016-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
598B March, 1989 Blind Justice, Part 1; Direct Edition; Cover by Denys CowanL
599A April, 1989 Blind Justice, Part 2; Direct Edition; Cover by Denys CowanL
600B May, 1989 Blind Justice, Part 5: Hidden Agendas; Blind Justice, Part 6: Covert Operations; Blind Justice, Part 7: Ulterior Motives; Tribute: People of Note Pay Homage to the Batman; Cover by Denys CowanL
618 Late July, 1990 Rite of Passage, Part 1: Shadow on the Sun; Cover by Norm BreyfogleL
672 March, 1994 Smash Cut; Cover by Kelley JonesL
701A September, 1996 Legacy, Part 6: Gotham's Scourge; Direct Edition; Cover by Graham NolanL
708 April, 1997 The Death Lottery, Part 1: Heart of Glass; Cover by Lee WeeksL
709 May, 1997 The Death Lottery, Part 2: Heart Of Stone; Cover by Lee WeeksL
710 June, 1997 The Death Lottery Part 3: Heart of Ice; Cover by Lee WeeksL
711 July, 1997 Knight Out; Cover by Graham NolanL
712 August, 1997 Gears of Justice; Cover by Graham NolanL
713 September, 1997 Death Engine; Cover by Graham NolanL
714 October, 1997 A World of Burning; Cover by Graham NolanL
715 November, 1997 Days of Fire; Cover by Graham NolanL
716 December, 1997 Death Comes Home; Cover by Brian StelfreezeL
726 October, 1998 Fool's Errand; Cover by Brian StelfreezeL
727 December, 1998 Fight or Flight, Part 1: Nest of Vipers; Cover by Brian StelfreezeL
728 January, 1999 Fight or Flight, Part 2: Chaos Squared; Cover by Brian StelfreezeL
729 February, 1999 Fight or Flight, Part 3: 30 Seconds to Midnight; Cover by Brian StelfreezeL
730 March, 1999 No Law and a New Order, Part 4: Language; Cover by Alex MaleevL
731B April, 1999 Fear of Faith, Part 4 : Be Not Afraid; Direct Edition; Cover by Dale EagleshamL
733 June, 1999 Crisis of Faith: Shades of Grey; Cover by Phil WinsladeL
736 September, 1999 HomecomingL
737 October, 1999 The Code, Part 2; Cover by Rodolfo DamaggioL
738 November, 1999 Goin' Downtown, Part 2: The Vandal; Cover by Mat BroomeL
739 December, 1999 Jurisprudence, Part 2; Cover by John CassadayL
838A January, 2008 The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, Part 3; Cover by Simone BianchiL