Avengers By John Byrne Omnibus
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HC September, 2016 --Avengers Assemble!; ...So What Are You Going to Do After You Conquer the World?; A Vengeful God!; Adventures Into (Bordom!) Fear!; Along Came a Spider...; Atlantis Attacks, Part 12: Gather Now Ye 7 Brides!; Atlantis Attacks, Part 8: Avengers Assembled; Atlantis Attacks: Reunion; Baptism of Fire!; Business as Usual; Cap's Avengerability Analysis; Darker Than Scarlet; Death in Olympia!; Doomsday Plus One!; Family Reunion; Fragments of a Greater Darkness; Franchise; Get Smart; Has the Whole World Gone Mad?!?; I Sing of Arms and Heroes...; Journey; Metamorphosis; Origin Of The Pulverizer; Personal Magnetism; Rate the Hunks; Return of the Hero; Second Debut; Smacks Of Vengeance!; Sore Wants A Haircut!; Spiders and Stars; The Breaking Strain; The Immortus Imperative; The Initiation of Quasar; The Last Good Soldier; The Plan Proceeds!; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 12: Crisis Management; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 8: Manifest Destiny; The Troubled Earth; The Weakest Point; The Witching Hour!; There is a Fire Down Below; Thieves Honor; This Ancient Evil; To Find Olympia!; Tooth and Nail and Hammer and Bullet and Chainsaw--!!; Vision Quest, Part 1: One of Our Androids is Missing!; Vision Quest, Part 2; Vision Quest, Part 3: Better a Widow...; Vision Quest, Part 4: New Faces; Why?; With Friends Like These!L