Batgirl (2011-2016)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
2 December, 2011 Cut Short, Cut Deep; Cover by Adam HughesL
3 January, 2012 A Breath of Broken Glass; Cover by Adam HughesL
4 February, 2012 An End to Dreams; Cover by Adam HughesL
7 May, 2012 A View From Below; Cover by Adam HughesL
9A July, 2012 In the Line of Fire; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Ardian SyafL
10 August, 2012 All Snug in Their Beds; Cover by Ardian SyafL
11 September, 2012 Heart of Cold Steel; Cover by Ardian SyafL
12 October, 2012 Every Time I Fall; Cover by Ardian SyafL
13A December, 2012 Death of the Family, Prologue: A Blade of Memory; Die-Cut Cover; Cover by Greg CapulloL
16 March, 2013 Collision, Part 3: Ceremony; Cover by Ed BenesL
17 April, 2013 Endure the Flame; Cover by Ed BenesL
18 May, 2013 The Mask of Ashes; Cover by Ed BenesL
19 June, 2013 A Blade From the Shadows; Cover by Eddy BarrowsL
20 July, 2013 A Splinter Where My Heart Should Be; Cover by Eddy BarrowsL
21 August, 2013 Enclosure; Cover by Alex GarnerL
22 September, 2013 A Day in the Life of Endless Velocity; Cover by Alex GarnerL
23 October, 2013 Wanted, Part 1; Cover by Alex GarnerL
24 December, 2013 Wanted, Part 2; Cover by Alex GarnerL
25 January, 2014 Homestead; Cover by Alex GarnerL
26 February, 2014 Ambush; Cover by Alex GarnerL
27A March, 2014 A Healing Curse; Cover by Alex GarnerL
28A April, 2014 Silver; Cover by Alex GarnerL
29A May, 2014 Cover by Alex GarnerL
30A June, 2014 The Midnight Man; Cover by Alex GarnerL
31A July, 2014 Cover by Alex GarnerL
32B August, 2014 The Razors Under the Floorboards; DC Bombshells Cover; Cover by Ant LuciaL
33B September, 2014 Batman 75th Anniversary Cover; Cover by Cliff ChiangL
34A October, 2014 Cover by Alex GarnerL
Annual 1 December, 2012 Cover by Ed BenesL
Annual 2 June, 2014 When Pamela Gets Blue; Cover by Clay Mann,Paul MountsL