Mockingbird: Classic Bobbi Morse Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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TP October, 2016 ...And Men Shall Name Him-- Victorius!; ...And No Birds Sing!; ...Though Some Call it Magic!; A Man-God Unleashed; Accounts Settled... Accounts Due!; An Ugly Mirror on Weirdworld!; And Who Will Call Him Savage?; Beating the Odds; Gog Cometh!; Into the Shadows of Chaos; Listen to the Mockingbird; Man-Thing!; Night of the Man-God!; Point Blank!; Target: Ka-Zar!; Terror Stalks the Everglades!; The Battle of New Britannia!; The Final Battle!; The Messiah in the Saddle Resolution!; The Red-Eyed Jack is Wild!; This Badge Bedeviled; Till Death Do Us Part...; To End in Flame!; To Stalk a City!; ...And No Birds Sing!L