Batman By Neal Adams
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HC Vol 1 March, 2016 A Burial For Batgirl!; A Small Case of Murder!; And Hellgrammite Is His Name!; Batgirl Vs. The Phantom Bullfighter!'; But Bork Can Hurt You!; Challenge Of The Consumer Crusader; Challenge of the Man-Bat; Clue of the False Faces; Death Comes to a Small, Locked Room!; Death Shares The Spotlight!; Explosive Circle...; Marriage: Impossible; Panic By Moonglow; Punish Not My Evil Son!; Red Water... Crimson Death; The Case Of Finders Keepers; The Forbidden Trick!; The House That Haunted Batman; The Man Who Radiated Fear; The Nemesis From Batman's Boyhood; The Poison Pen Puzzle; Omnibus; Cover by Neal AdamsL