Defenders Epic Collection
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 6 October, 2016 Six Fingered Hand; ...Rising...; Beware... The Six-Fingered Hand!; Don't Let the Sun Come Up on Me!; Eternity... Humanity... Oblivion!; Hell on Earth!; Mind Games!; On Death and Dying...; Peace on Earth -- Good Will to Man; Renewal!; Slouching Toward Bethlehem; The Final Conflict?; The Hand Closes!; The Haunting of Christiansboro!; The Rock and Roll Conspiracy!; The Vampire Strikes Back!; The War to End All Wars!; The Wasteland!; The Woman Behind the Man!; To Judge a Nighthawk!; Vengeance! Cries the Valkyrie; Yesterday Never Dies!; Don't Let the Sun Come Up on Me!; To Judge a Nighthawk!; Eternity...Humanity...Oblivion!; The Woman Behind the Man!L
TP Vol 7 September, 2017 Ashes, Ashes... ; ...Hunger...; A Very Wrong Turn!; Ashes, Ashes... We All Fall Down!; Dance of Darkness / Dance of Light!; Darkness on the Edge of Time!; Fathers and Daughters; Hello, I Must Be Going. (or... Mad Dogs and Elvishmen!); In Honor's Name!; Moon Madness!; Of Elves and Androids!; Sanctuary!; Savior!; Strange Visitor From Another Planet!; The Double!; The Gift; Things to Come!; Two By Two; Cover by Brent AndersonL