Batman: Contagion (2016)
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TP May, 2016 Apocalypse Plague; Babylon Falls; Contagion, Part 10: Contagion; Contagion, Part 11: Bitter Dregs; Contagion, Part 3: Natural Born Healer; Contagion, Part 4: Requiem for an Immortal; Contagion, Part 5: Flesh and Fire; Contagion, Part 6: Tears of Blood; Contagion, Part 7: Angel of Death; Contagion, Part 9: Fever Pitch; Hit and Myths; Iliads and Oddities; Nightmare on Gotham, Part 1; Nightmare on Gotham, Part 2; Nightmare on Gotham, Part 3; The Deadman Connection, Part 1: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon; The Deadman Connection, Part 2: Cult of the Mummy; The Gray Area; The Spirit Thieves; Expanded EditionL