Drax: Guardian of The Galaxy
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TP October, 2016 ''Destroy, Destroy!'' Screams the Destroyer; ...By Divine Right!; ...To Be Free From Control! / A Time For Confrontation! / End of an Empire!; A Destroyer-- Denied!; Acts of Destruction; Aftermath!; Beware the... Blood Brothers!; Chaos and the Pit!; Death Throws!; Earth Skirmish; Just a Series of Events; Metamorphosis!; Moon-Traps and Paradise; Tales of Asgard: Judgement-- And Lament!; Thanos the Insane God!; The Beginning of the End!; The Dark Corners!; The Death of Captain Marvel; The Final Flower; The God Himself!; The Saturn Storm!; The Trouble With Titan...; Trapped on Titan!; War Against the Gods!; When TItans Collide! / A Clash of Titans! / ...Mind-Slave!; Moon-Traps and Paradise; Chaos and the Pit!; Earth Skirmish; The Saturn Storm!; The Dark Corners!L