Journey Into Mystery (1972-1975)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
3 February, 1973 The Shambler From the Stars!; Revenge From the Rhine!; Genius!L
8 December, 1973 The Bewitched Bike!; Death Waits Within!; Out of the Night; The Man Who Was NobodyL
10 April, 1974 The Terror of Tim Boo Ba; Something in the Fog!; Plague!; Fame!; Shhh!L
11 June, 1974 House For Sale; The Secret Men; The Burning Flame!; I Went Through the Veil!; The Books That Were AliveL
12 August, 1974 Kiss of Death; The Genie Lives; The Question!; Hide and ShriekL
14 December, 1974 When Wakes the Sphinx!; The Thing on the Moon; It Came From Nowhere; If Looks Could Kill!L
15 February, 1975 I Fought the Molten Man-Thing!; It Was Only a Simple Barber Shop... Or Was It??!L
16 April, 1975 The Man Who Said 'No'; The Rag Doll!; The Old Man's Secret!; The Thing in the Jungle!; Inside the Mummy CaseL