Justice League Europe (1989-1993)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
7A October, 1989 The Teasdale Imperative, Part 2: Teasdale Unbound!; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Bart SearsL
8 November, 1989 The Teasdale Imperative, Part 4: Showdown...; Cover by Bart SearsL
9 December, 1989 Under the Skin; Cover by Art NicholsL
10 January, 1990 After the Fox!; Cover by Bart SearsL
12 March, 1990 Bringing Up Baby; Cover by Bart SearsL
13B April, 1990 Furballs II; Direct Edition; Cover by Bart SearsL
14B May, 1990 You Oughtta Be In Pictures; Direct Edition; Cover by Bart SearsL
15A June, 1990 Extremist Vector, Part 1: Kings of the Dust; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Bart SearsN
16A July, 1990 Extremist Vector, Part 2: Conquest; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Bart SearsN
17 August, 1990 Extremist Vector, Part 3: On the Brink!; Cover by Bart SearsL
18 September, 1990 Extremist Vector, Part 4: The Happy Place; Cover by Bart SearsL
19 October, 1990 Extremist Vector, Part 5: Pushing the Button; Cover by Bart SearsL
20 November, 1990 Rue Britannia; Cover by Marshall RogersL
21A December, 1990 Blood, Sweat and Tabloids; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Marshall RogersN
22B January, 1991 Catnap; Direct Edition; Cover by Marshall RogersL
23 February, 1991 Foxy Ladies; Cover by Bart SearsL
24 March, 1991 Worm Food; Cover by Bart SearsL
27 June, 1991 The Vagabond King; Cover by Bart SearsL
28 July, 1991 The Man Who Wears the Star; Cover by Bart SearsL
29 August, 1991 Breakdowns, Part 2; Cover by Bart SearsL
30 September, 1991 Breakdowns, Part 4; Cover by Darick RobertsonL
31 October, 1991 Breakdowns, Part 6; Cover by Darick RobertsonL
32 November, 1991 Breakdowns, Part 8; Cover by Darick RobertsonL
33A December, 1991 Breakdowns, Part 10; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Darick RobertsonL
34 January, 1992 Breakdowns, Part 12; Cover by Darick RobertsonL
35 February, 1992 Breakdowns, Part 14; Cover by Darick RobertsonL
48 March, 1993 L
Annual 2 Annual, 1991 Too Much Time; Cover by Kevin MaguireL