Avengers: Scarlet Witch
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TP April, 2015 A Love That Never Dies; Algorithm of Life, Part 1: Digital Terror!; Algorithm of Life, Part 2: Techno Phobia!; Cross Fire; Dark Designs; Goblin Night, Part 2: Little Monsters!; Goblin Night, Part 2: Stage Fright; Mystic Arcana, Part 3: Birth of a Witch; Norse Blood; On the Road, Part 7: ...Top of the World; On the Road, Part 8: Instant Karma; Out of Time, in the Time Out Hotel; Ritual of the Sphinx, Part 3: Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth; Scarlet in Battle!; Separate Lives, Part 1: Yesterdays!; Separate Lives, Part 3: You Shouldn't Live in the Past; Separate Lives, Part 4: Clouds of Vengeance; Siege of Darkness, Part 3: Treachery; Siege of Darkness, Part 6a: Like Family, Like Enemy; Siege of Darkness, Part 6b: Treachery Redeemed; Sign of the Beast, Part 1: The Quest of Abdul Alhazred; Sign of the Beast, Part 2: Prey; Test Run; The American Way; The Clutch of Madness!; The Librarian; The Witch is Mine!; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 1: Hate Dancer; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 2: Separate Lives, Part 2: A Pirate's Life For Me!; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 3: Intimate Assassins; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 4: Painkillers; When Arrows Fail!; Yesterday and Today!; Cover by Marko DjurdjevicL