Classic G.I. Joe (2009-2017)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 8 May, 2010 Aftershocks; All's Fair; Alliance of Convenience; Bailout; Dreadnoks Rule!; Holding Actions!; Payback!; Rolling Thunder; StilettoL
TP Vol 9 September, 2010 ...Not Fade Away!; Assault on Castle Destro; Converging Destinies; Plots and Tracts; Roadpig; SFX; Weeding outL
TP Vol 10 December, 2010 He's Back!; The Snake-Eyes Trilogy, Part 1; The Snake-Eyes Trilogy, Part 2: No Turning Back!; The Snake-Eyes Trilogy, Part 3: No Surrender!L
TP Vol 11 April, 2011 Hero of the PeopleL
TP Vol 12 July, 2011 Counting Coup; Previous Agreement; Receptions & DiversionsL
TP Vol 13 November, 2011 Firefly!; Cover by Jonboy MeyersL