Iron Fist: Book of Changes
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TP May, 2017 Book of Changes; ...At the Dark End of the Street; ...The Origin of Assassin; A Time to Die; Adrenazon's Revenge, Part 3: It's Not Easy Being Green; Adrenazon's Revenge, Part 4: To Thine Own Self Be True; Bazaar Tales; Brothers in Arms, Part 1: Trouble in Paradise; Brothers in Arms, Part 2: Alone Against the Coven; Brothers in Arms, Part 3: Chain Reaction; Brothers in Arms, Part 4: Off the Cuff; Brothers in Arms, Part 5: Cat's Game; Claws and Webs, Part 1: Dream a Little Dream... Of Me!; Claws and Webs, Part 2: Dreams Are Made of This?; Depths of Despair, Part 1: Opening Gambit; Depths of Despair, Part 2: A Fall From Grace; Depths of Despair, Part 3: Back and Forward; Depths of Despair, Part 4: Back to the Beginning; End Run; Erica's Return; Fellow Travelers, Part 1: Rage of Honor; Fellow Travelers, Part 4: Throne of Blood; Fellow Travelers, Part 5: Army of Darkness!; Giant Trouble; Greater Evil; Heart and Soul, Part 1: Passion Crimes; Heart and Soul, Part 2: Love Connection; Heart and Soul, Part 3: Emotional Rescue; Heart and Soul, Part 4: Fuel For Love; Heart and Soul, Part 5: The Soul Cage; Heart and Soul, Part 6: Heartbeaten; House of Rave; I, Thanos, Part 4: Betrayal; Just Deserts; Late For Supper; Legacy; Legion of Vengeance, Part 1: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes!; Legion of Vengeance, Part 2: If the Mind's Eye Offends Thee...; Legion of Vengeance, Part 3: The Secret of Strontium-90!; Legion of Vengeance, Part 4: Our Name is Legion...; Legion of Vengeance, Part 5: A World of D'Kay; Legion of Vengeance, Part 6: Vengeance is Ours!; Menace of the Mad Abbot!; Mercy Mission; Muses of Fire!; Nocturnal Cravings; Novel Approach; Passion Play, Part 3: A Wing and a Prayer; Passion Play, Part 4: Widow's Sting; Passion Play, Part 5: Brooklyn Bridge; Passion Play, Part 6: Hearts o' Fire; Passion Play, Part 7: That's What They Say; Passion Play, Part 8: Missing Lynx; Rest and Sweet Glory, Part 1: The 3rd Life of Bill Foster!; Rest and Sweet Glory, Part 2: The Bootstrap Model; Rest and Sweet Glory, Part 3: The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Hit!; Rest and Sweet Glory, Part 4: Broken Symmetry; Rest and Sweet Glory, Part 5: Grand Unification; Rest and Sweet Glory, Part 6: Complementary Principle; Return of the Braineaters, Part 5: Roadkill!; Rumble in the Jungle, Part 1; Rumble in the Jungle, Part 4: Bedlam; Rumble in the Jungle, Part 5: Battleground; Screams; Storm Warnings, Part 1; Storm Warnings, Part 2: Lock and Load; Storm Warnings, Part 3: Media Blitz; The Big Time; The Book of Changes, Part 1: Under Lock and Key; The Book of Changes, Part 2: A Mystery Wrapped in a Puzzle Inside an Enigma; The Book of Changes, Part 3: The Superior Man; The Book of Changes, Part 4: ...The Evil Eye!; The Book of Changes, Part 5: Friendship Rears Its Ugly Head; The Book of Changes, Part 6: The Meaning of Life; The Book of Changes, Part 7: Yin and Yang; The Book of Changes, Part 8: All Debts Forgotten, All Sins Forgiven; The Highwayman Comes Riding!; The Hunter and the Hunted!; The Prisoner; The Walking Wounded, Part 3: ...Innocent Blood; The Walking Wounded, Part 4: Jerk the Bait; The Walking Wounded, Part 5: Seal the Deal; The Walking Wounded, Part 6: Roll the Bones; The Walking Wounded, Part 7: Peak the Pathos; The Walking Wounded, Part 8: Pay the Maker; These Foolish Things...; This Madness Unleashed!; Traitor; True Love; Typhoid's Kiss, Part 3: Over-Exposed!; Typhoid's Kiss, Part 5: Mindfield; Typhoid's Kiss, Part 6: Crisscross; Typhoid's Kiss, Part 7: Psychic Surgery; Typhoid's Kiss, Part 8: Monsterpiece!; Under the Skin; Cover by Sam KiethL