War Of Kings Prelude: Road To War Of Kings
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HC April, 2017 Act 2: The Child; Act 3: The Mother; Act 4: The Lover; Act Five: The Hero.; Act One: The Warrior; Act Six: The Madman; Beyond Belief; Blastaared!; Brave New World; Brothers in Arms; Corps Values; Damages; Darwin; Deadly Genesis, Part 1; Deadly Genesis, Part 2; Deadly Genesis, Part 3; Deadly Genesis, Part 4; Deadly Genesis, Part 5; Deadly Genesis, Part 6; Death; Deception; Everything Falls Apart; Family, Part 1; Family, Part 2; Family, Part 3; Family, Part 4; Gene Pool; Green For Danger; In the Final Hour; Kid Vulcan; Legacy; No Future; Nova / The Coming of Nova / Star-Power! / Enter: Zorr the Conqueror!; Nova Against the Mighty Thor / Fury of the Corruptor!! / Beware the Thunder God Gone Mad! / Fury of the Corruptor!; On the Last Day; One Day in the Life of Pietro Maximoff --Homo Sapiens; Past Mistakes; Petra; Prison Break; Reborn; Return of the New Warriors; Sacrifice; Somebody's Got to Do It; Sway; The Crooked Path; The Devourer; The Gathering Storm; The Purple Testament; The Rapture; Welcome to Oblivion; What Emma Doesn't Know; Cover by Stjepan SejicL