Books Of Magic Deluxe Edition By John Rieber (2017)
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TP Vol 1 July, 2017 Bindings, Epilogue: Lost Causes; Bindings, Part 1: Tearing Down; Bindings, Part 2: A Book Of Leaves; Bindings, Part 3: Closing Circles; Artificial Heart, Part 1: Handmedowns Of The Ragged School; Artificial Heart, Part 2: Bleak Houses, Hard Times; Artificial Heart, Part 3: The Climbing Boy; Sacrifices, Part 1: Instruments; Sacrifices, Part 2: Victims; Sacrifices, Part 3: Altars; Small Glass Worlds, Part 1, Missing Colors; Small Glass Worlds, Part 2: Transparent Lies; The Children's Crusade, Part 6: Long Walks In Dancing Shoes; The Hidden School; Cover by Charles VessN