DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 1 August, 2015 Hush Pt. 1; Bullet Bluff; Hush, Chapter 1: The Ransom; Hush, Chapter 2: The Friend; Hush, Chapter 3: The Beast; Hush, Chapter 4: The City; Hush, Chapter 5: The Battle; Hush, Chapter 6: The Opera; Illegal Aliens; Killers of Kurdistan; Murder on the Oceanic Line Docks; Murderer on Vacation; The Case of the Chemical Syndicate; The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu; The Mysterious Murders; The New Orleans Mardi Gras Murders, Part 1; Cover by Jim LeeL
HC Vol 3 September, 2015 Superman: Last Son of Krypton; Last Son, Part 1; Last Son, Part 2; Last Son, Part 3; Last Son, Part 4; Murder in England; South Sea Strategy, Part 1; Sticky-Mitt Stimson; Superman Plays Football; Superman, Champion of the Oppressed; The A-Gang; The Adventures of Marco Polo; The Blakely Mine Disaster; The Fall; The International Jewel Thief; The Light Heavyweight Championship; The Mystery of the Freight Train Robberies; The Origin of Superman, Part 1; The Origin of Superman, Part 2L