DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 27 August, 2016 Superman: Brainiac; Brainiac, Part 1; Brainiac, Part 2: Hide and Seek; Brainiac, Part 3: Greetings; Brainiac, Part 4: Mind Over Matter; Brainiac, Part 5; New Krypton, Part 1L
HC Vol 31 October, 2016 Superman: Secret Origin; Mild-Mannered Reporter; Parasites; Strange Visitor; Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes; The Boy of SteelL
Special 3 June, 2016 DC Universe Legacies; Aftermath!; Crisis!; Doomsday!; In the Beginning...; Knight After Knight!; Parallell Lives!; Powers & Abilities!; Snapshot: Reflection!; Snapshot: Remembrance!; Snapshot: Resurgence!; Snapshot: Resurrection!; The Golden Age!; The Next Generation!; Truth and Consequences!L