DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 4 October, 2015 JLA: Tower of Babel; Harsh Words; Starro the Conqueror!; Tower of Babel, Part 1; Tower of Babel, Part 2; Tower of Babel, Part 3; Firing LineL
HC Vol 7 November, 2015 JLA: Year One Part 1; A League Divided; Group Dynamic; Sum of Their Parts; The Origin of the Justice League!; While You Were Out....L
HC Vol 9 December, 2015 Harley Quinn; A Broken Heart in Two; Batgirl: Day One; Gods and Mobsters; Introducing the Quinntets; Larger Than Life; Welcome to the Party; Who Wants to Rob a Millionaire?L
HC Vol 13 February, 2016 JLA: Earth 2L
HC Vol 35 December, 2016 Young Justice: A League of Their Own; Conferences; First, Do No Harm; Harm's Way; Judgment Day; Reckless Youth: Speed Kills; Sheik, Rattle and Roll; The Issue Before the One Where the Girls Show UpL
Special 6 March, 2017 One Million Part 1; A Neverending Story; All the Starlight Shining; Fear and Loathing; Keepers of Solitude; Peril Within the Prison Planet; Prisoners of the Twentieth Century; Riders on the Storm; Solaris Rising; The Bug That Ate Tomorrow; The Day After TomorrowL
Special 7 May, 2017 One Million Part 2; A Handful of Dust; Between the Rock and a Hot Place; Brave New Hero; Death Star; Future Story; Keepers of Solitude; The Banks and Shoals of TimeL