Deadpool & X-Force Omnibus (2017)
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HC November, 2017 ...And Quacks Like a Duck...; A Leader Among Men; Assault on Graymalkin; Compromising Positions; Cry Uncle!; Duck Soup; Ducks in a Row!; Extreme Measures; Fatal Attractions, Part 2: Back to Front; Fathers and Sons, Part 1: Sunset Breaks; Fathers and Sons, Part 2: Illuminated Knights; Fathers and Sons, Part 3: Dayspring; Liberation Through Subjugation; Mired in Destiny; Ordnance Weighed in Blood; Prisoners of Fate; Rabbit Season, Duck Season; Rocks and Waves; Ruins; Shadows on the Rock; Sinsearly Yours, Sincerely Mine...; Something Worth Fighting For; The Art of the Steal; The Axe Falls; The Open Hand, the Closed Fist; Toy Soldiers; Twenty Questions; War Machines; Cover by Greg CapulloL