Captain America by Mark Waid & Ron Garney Omnibus (2017)
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HC December, 2017 American Nightmare, Part 1: The Bite of Madness!; American Nightmare, Part 2: The Growing Darkness; American Nightmare, Part 3: Finger on the Pulse; American Nightmare, Part 4: Nuclear Dawn; An Ending; Back in Black; Bloodline, Part 1; Bloodline, Part 2; Brothers in Arms; Capmania; Come the Revolution!; Danger in the Air!; Descent Into Madness, Part 1: Out of His Element; Descent Into Madness, Part 2: Sins of the Mother; Descent Into Madness, Part 3: Heatwave; Double Danger; Extreme Prejudice; First Gleaming; First Sign, Part 1: I'll Take Manhattan; Flashpoint; Hello? Hello? Send Some New Linoleum; Hope and Glory; Iron Will; Land of the Free; Live Kree or Die!, Part 2: Stuck in the Middle; Man Out of Time; Man Without a Country, Part 1: Executive Action; Man Without a Country, Part 2: Plan ''A''; Man Without a Country, Part 3: Plan ''B''; Man Without a Country, Part 4: Executive Action; Museum Piece; Old Soldier; Operation: Rebirth, Part 1: Old Soldiers Never Die; Operation: Rebirth, Part 2: The Devil You Know; Operation: Rebirth, Part 3: Triumph of the Will; Operation: Rebirth, Part 4: American Dream; Plausible Deniability; Power and Glory, Part 1: Credibility Gap; Power and Glory, Part 2: Expose; Power and Glory, Part 3: Hoaxed; Red Glare; Sacrifice Play; Sanctuary; Sentinel of Liberty; Soundquake!; The Great Petender; The Janus Chamber; The Return of Steve Rogers, Captain America; The Skull is Dead, Long Live the Skull; To Serve and Protect; Triumph of the Will; Turnabout; When Free Men Shall Stand!L