Cable: The Nemesis Contract (2018)
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TP January, 2018 'Twas the Night Before Dying; Acid Bath; Blood Brothers, Part 1: Stormfront; Blood Brothers, Part 2: Illusions of Doom; Blood Brothers, Part 3: Dreams End; Blood Brothers, Prelude: Crossing Borders; Millennium Storm Warning; Sign of the End Times, Part 1: Death From Above; Sign of the End Times, Part 2: God's Footsteps; Sign of the End Times, Part 3: Faraway, So Close; Something Sinister This Way Comes; The Ballad of Karmic Retribution; The Nemesis Contract, Part 1: Pressure Points; The Nemesis Contract, Part 2: Atlas Burned; The Nemesis Contract, Part 3: Captive Audience; The Nemesis Contract, Part 4: Strange Agencies; Cover by Jose LadronnL