Crowd Funding Flash: Flesh of White
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kickstarter-logoThis week’s spotlighted project brings to light a disturbing truth for those living with albinism in Kenya and Tanzania. Flesh of White is a fictional supernatural horror story that expounds upon this dark reality, written by Erica Heflin with art by Amanda Rachels. In the story a mother gives birth to a child with albinism, and with this comes the threat of harm from those who believe her child’s physical qualities have magical qualities. The main concern in this story involves a local Witch Doctor and his Harvester who will come for the infant’s flesh! Check out the video below and consider backing this Kickstarter project!


What’s the Money for? The initial goal of this project (already reached at this point) is to fund the first 20 page issue. This covers fees, taxes, printing, and production of the books and rewards, and all the shipping expenses. Remaining funds will go toward marketing and distribution, expanding the print run, and compensating the creators!

The Goodies: The cheapest and quickest way to get a copy of issue #1 would be to contribute five dollars. This will get you a PDF copy emailed to you as soon as it’s finished. For $10 you will get a signed/numbered exclusive cover edition as well as a special trading card! Pledging at this level will also qualify you for special incentives that will become available when a number of stretch goals are reached. They are currently approaching stretch goal #2 out of 6 and still have 21 days to go!

If you want to go all in with this series, then you’ll definitely want to pledge at the $35 level. This will get you all four issues of the series, signed and numbered with Kickstarter exclusive covers and trading cards! higher rewards will net you a personalized sketch cover, commissioned artwork, or professional script review.

Sign Me Up! Ready to jump on board? Then visit the Flesh of White Kickstarter page and choose the pledge you want in the right-hand column. Keep in mind, you only have until February 6, 2013 before the project ends! If you’d like to keep a closer eye on your investment, then consider following Erica (@raistlyne) or Amanda (@AmandaRachels) on Twitter.

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