Crowd Funding Flash: Rex Nocturnus
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kickstarter-logoRex Nocturnus is a revenge story that would bring a happy tear to Captain Ahab’s eye. It pits a girl thirsty for revenge against a monstrous shark (Rex Nocturnus), who stole her arm and ruined her life! Writer Liam Boyle and artist Scott K. Monteiro have joined forces on Kickstarter to fund their creator owned adventure!

The project, which has already reached it’s funding goal, will be used to complete this one shot comic book chalk full of seafaring adventure. The art should be on schedule to finish by the end of this month, so you can guarantee to get this book pretty soon after the Kickstarter ends! Speaking of the art, if you’re familiar with Cursed Pirate Girl, you’ll love how this looks. A perfect fit for this kind of story. Want to hear it from them? Check out the project video, and then skip down to see where I highlight some of the perks!


What’s the Money for? Really the money here is going toward the basics: Printing, shipping, and the pledge awards. Because the initial goal was met so quickly they’ve set up some stellar stretch goals to spice things up!

The Goodies: The lowest pledge of $5 will get you a physical copy of the book mailed to you. Quite the steal if I say so! Up that to $20 and get a gnarly “Sharkfighter” T-shirt along with your comic. At $25 you can get a music single made specifically for the story by Liam Boyle’s band, The Old Edison. Higher pledges will nab you personalized sketches, signed prints, commissions, and even a live show from Liam’s band!

STRETCH GOAL BONUS! Because of the popularity of this project, you’ll benefit from the stretch goals by pledging at ANY level. You can now expect a 5 to 10 page supplemental story that ties into the main book, and benefit from an upgrade in printing. The covers will now be screen-printed!

Sign Me Up! Visit the Rex Nocturnus Kickstarter page now to make a pledge and ensure you’ll be getting a copy of the book. Project ends on March 6, 2013, which is just a few weeks away!

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