Fan Film Friday – The Greatest Fan Film of All Time
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Once again we return to Fan Film Friday!  Ladies and Gentlemen, the film you are about to watch totally took me by surprise. When I watched the trailer for this a few years ago, it really looked like it was going to be a hilarious fan film. I love fan films that can take a comical look at what we love so much, and if they do it right, it’ll bring tears to your eyes from laughing so hard.  This had that for sure, but the trailer was misleading in a way. It left out all the best parts of the movie!

Now, this is a film.  After watching all 5 parts, it clocks it at just over 40 minutes.  Yea, it’s alot to watch but I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to watch this. If it’s when you’re laying in bed with your laptop… WATCH IT!  If your significant other is over, pop the popcorn and put this movie on.  If you only have your smartphone with you, and your on the bus on the way to some appointment or date and your bored because of lack of conversation or that person just really isn’t in to you… WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! It’s got a ton of violence and lots of unnecessary blood, but by golly gee, it’s worth it.

Everybody is in this. Gargoyles. Power Rangers. ThunderCats. The best of the best from Marvel and DC. The Ninja Turtles even make an apperance in this movie. And it all revolves around Stan Lee’s birthday.

What are you still reading this for???  Start the movie, and keep quiet down in front!!







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