Kickstarter Spotlight: The Mighty Titan
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kickstarter-logoCancer. It’s a nasty word right? Cancer can bring some pretty horrific things to mind. For two time cancer survivor and writer Joe Martino, a battle with kidney cancer has turned into inspiration for our featured Kickstarter this week, The Mighty Titan. Martino created this series in 2004 during his first bout with cancer. The result is a book dealing with an underlying theme of fear and loss that anyone can relate too. Too serious? Nope, it also has vile villains, giant Mechas, and mythological creatures, oh my! This series has been planned as a five issue mini-series with a chance of going even further! Check out the moving Kickstarter video from the series creator!


Joe Martino began his career on his own by self publishing his book Shadowflame in 1996. After that success he was picked up by Arcana, who has published that along with his works Ripperman, Main Enterprises, and Coscom Entertainment. His latest project brings him back to the arena of self publishing along with pencilers Luca Cicchitti and Cory Smith.

The Why: Joe will need the funding from this project to help pay his creative team, printing, and cost of marketing the series to a broader audience. The Mighty Titan Kickstarter will need to raise $10,550 in order to come to life!

The Rewards: What’s a Kickstarter campaign without the sweet rewards? Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped bring this amazing story to life, you also get to take home some pretty neat stuff!

  • PDF of the first issue for $5
  • Physical copy of issue one with a cover by Jerry Ordway for $7
  • PDF’s of all five issues as they are released ONLY $10…I haven’t seen that pricing since 1995!
  • Retailer Exclusive package
  • 11×17 print of the Jerry Ordway cover!
  • Much more!

The How: Visit the Mighty Titan Kickstarter page and click your reward in the right column! The only way this project succeeds is with your contribution. To keep up to date on the projects progress, follow Joe Martino on Twitter @jgmcomics or on Facebook. This Kickstarter is only available for a limited time, so don’t hesitate to visit and pledge today!

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  • Chip Reece July 18, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    The orignal artwork from Jerry Ordway’s cover is available as a reward as well!