Marvel releases new Legends series of action figures
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Wow. Well our good old friend Jason Newcomb passed this tidbit of information to me over the week. It looks like the new Marvel Legends series 1 has showed up overseas. This series includes a line-up of 8 figures and 1 variant figure.

Marvel really put some great characters in this series. An introduction to the figures you guys can collect are the following: 

  • Steve Roger w/ transparent shield. I wonder why they release a Steve Rogers in Marvel Universe series 15 just recently. He did not have a transparent shield in that series.
  • Constrictor, another figure who just had a figure release last year in Marvel Universe series 11.
  • Iron man with a whopping 2 figures in this series. He is in stealth armor and in his extremis armor. Both figures have been previously recently in the Marvel Universe line-up.
  • Hope from the pages of X-Men with her first figure EVER! She comes packing with some heat in her package.
  • Thor in his most recent outfit, which was release in series 7 of Marvel Universe.
  • Klaw, this will be his second figure in the last 2 years. It is nice to see some cool villains get some more recognition.
  • Ghost Rider is the last figure in this series. He is the figure that will have a variant. This is by far the best figure in this series; both of them look really great.

Well, here they are the brand new line from Marvel called Marvel Legends coming to a toy store near you in March of 2012. A few question though for Marvel why did you discontinue the original Marvel Legends? Why are there a bunch of re-vamped figures from Marvel Universe?


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