Review: D4VE #3
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MonkeyBrain LogoFrom MonkeyBrain Comics and the creative team of writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon is the comic D4VEIt follows a former defense-bot who’s in the middle of a midlife crisis. With a dead end job and a yearning for his glory days, D4VE is more than happy to jump into action when the Earth is invaded after centuries of peace. Issue three hits Comixology as the invasion is in full swing and D4VE is just trying to get his old friends together.

As the K’laar invasion continues, D4VE’s wife 54LLY reconsiders her decision to leave D4VE. D4VE, on the other hand, is wasting no time digging into his old weapons and getting ready to fight the alien invasion. With his son 5COTTY in tow, D4VE heads back to work to get something before looking to gather up his old war buddies. Fired from his job and with no help from his friends, D4VE is ready to kick some “sweet, sweet day-old alien Cinnabon” butt. D4VE #3 Cover

Ferrier and Ramon continue to produce what is easily one of the best comics coming out right now, digital or otherwise. The story of a person, or robot in this case, who has lost his way and become unhappy with his life resonates with so many. It’s a universal story, but one that Ferrier imbues with his own great sense of dark humor. Mix in some great sci-fi concepts, general ridiculousness, and some fantastic art and D4VE is just phenomenal. Ramon’s art is always exceptionally expressive, giving characters who often lack complete faces more emotion and empathy than most human comic characters. The small touches that Ramon throws in there, like the graffiti giving a shout out to a fellow comic creator or the steam coming from the head of D4VE’s boss when he’s angry, give the world just that much more depth and adds to the overall awesome that is D4VE. 

D4VE continues to be possibly the best digital comic of this year and shows no sign of slowing down. There is no other comic with this much humor, aliens, robots, and genuine feelings for just 99¢. Be sure to buy it on Comixology.

Script: 10/10
Art: 10/10
Parental Concern: Comixology says 17+.


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