Review: Prophecy #1
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Dynamite Entertainment LogoBeing that it is 2012, we have all heard the many end of the world theories that revolve around the Mayan Calendar. The subject has found its way into movies, books, and video games over the last few years especially as we near that alleged “date of doom.” So I was not surprised to see it make its way into a comic event starting with Dynamite Entertainment’s Prophecy #1. While I love what Dynamite has been doing with its pulp projects of late (see The Shadow and The Spider), I was at first skeptical of what seemed like another 2012 end of the world tale. However, after reading the first issue I can say that I am pleasantly surprised at the way this story seems to be headed.

There is quite a bit of depth in this story so far with a slowly unraveling mystery in the background. Because it is full of fun characters from different points in time, it makes for a well rounded read that consistently keeps you on your toes. Writer Ron Marz does a superb job simplifying what could be a complex tale despite handling interaction between a wide range of characters with unique powers sets from different eras of time.

Prophecy #1 CoverAs the story begins we are first treated to a whodunit mystery from 1890 centering around a murder and a stolen relic. The duo at front and center of the mystery happen to be none other than Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson. It seems the man who was murdered was not only a full blooded Mayan, but was after a Mayan knife that was obviously taken by the escaped murderer. We then jump to 632 A.D. where we see the weapon in action and get to learn that this particular knife was used for sacrificing men and women in the name of a vile sorcerer name Kulan Gath. The next prisoner in line to get sacrificed for Kulan, a self-proclaimed god of his people, is revealed to be Red Sonja. We learn that she has been chasing Kulan through space and time to kill him. This time, however, he has the upper hand and wishes to sacrifice her with his own hands and the sacred knife. A great action and escape scene leads us to another escape by Kulan using the magical knife to transport him to “the end of time.” Red Sonja escapes only to be pulled into the future with him.

Through a beautiful collage of historical events drawn by Walter Geovani, we catch glimpses of Red Sonja and Kulan traveling through time. Depictions of the Civil War, World War II, the first space shuttle launch, Che Guevera, Abraham Lincoln, and more fill a two page spread while Red Sonja attempts to slay Kulan with her sword. She wakes up in a jungle all alone in present day and is immediately attacked by Vampirella followed by Dracula himself. The colors are handled by Adriano Lucas and he presents a near perfect palette of colors that change with the indoor and outdoor scenery across multiple moments in time. The almost muted and washed colors of green, brown, and gray are complemented beautifully by Red Sonja’s fiery red hair. The action is crisp and fast, but drawn in such a manner that you truly comprehend what is going on and why it is important. Also of note are the letters done by Troy Peteri and cover by Paul Renaud.

Fans who already love what Dynamite Entertainment is doing will love this event as it enables them to see some of their favorite characters interact in what could be a game changing event for the line. If you are new to Dynamite this is the perfect book to wet your appetite and experiment with what they have to offer. Where else in one book are you going to get mystery, time traveling, end of the world prophecies, female warriors, and vampires in one read? This is one event you can’t afford to miss.

Art: 8.5/10
Script: 8.5/10
Parental concern: Some language and graphic gore/violence.


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