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Ugli Studios Presents HeaderSomething of a throwback to old-school sci-fi/horror comics, Ugli Studios Presents #1 features two stories: Through the Eyes of Grizelda and The Great Vermin. Since Through the Eyes of Grizelda takes up most of the book, I’ll focus primarily on it.

The main story is told from Grizelda’s point of view, the familiar to the necromancer Amon Kadesh, oppressive ruler of Xendria. While the rest of the continent languishes under Amon Kadesh’s rules, Grizelda enjoys life. Even as an army enters Amon’s stronghold, intent on ending his mad rule, Grizelda is confident that her good life will continue. We find as the story ends that maybe Grizelda herself is responsible for a large part of how easy her life has become.

Ugli Studios Presents 1 CoverThrough the Eyes of Grizelda is the brainchild of Jason Lenox and David Paul. The two pull joint writing duties on the project, and do a great job of it. The story is told from an original point of view and keeps the reader engaged. I honestly hope more is done with the land of Xendria. It seems like a place full of great stories like.

The art is fantastic. Jason Lenox delivers a visually stunning and detailed book with his pencils and inks. Before I even read the comic, I just flipped through it looking at the art, and I was impressed with it just from that. The expressions of all the characters are spot-on for the way they’re supposed to be feeling in the comic. I honestly couldn’t praise the art enough for this story. It is a visually appealing comic in which the art alone should make people want to pick it up. The colors by Dani Kaulakis only sweeten the deal.

In addition to Through the Eyes of Grizelda, there is a backup story of sorts called The Great Vermin. The team of Lenox, Paul, and Kaulakis works on this as well. It’s a short story, but another good one. At just five pages, it’s an interesting read, and one that you wouldn’t quite expect.

Overall, Ugli Studios Presents #1 is great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean, there’s even a map in the comic. Joseph Freistuhler made an awesome map! How cool is that? Any comic with a map in it is worth a buy. Plus, it has great writing, art, and coloring. A great overall package. Both stories give you different things to read and leave you thoroughly satisfied as a reader.

If you want to grab a copy of this book, or if you’re interested in seeing what other projects Jason has to offer, visit his website!

Art: 9/10
Parental concern:
None really. Just a bit of blood, and arm chopping goodness.

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  • Chip Reece July 13, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    I read this too, definitely a throwback to old horror books. For anyone that is a fan of that genre, it’s a great read!

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