Ape4Comics Podcast: Episode #11
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Episode #11 is here and Matt and Neil have a lot to talk about including confusion over the latest Avengers title by Jonathan Hickman. To drop or not to drop? Comic swap includes the most recent Conan run by Dark Horse issues 1-12. Brian Wood is the writer on this and he does an outstanding job keeping Matt interested. This is one of Neil’s favorites he has picked up lately and both guys can agree this is a special book. Matt loans Neil Marvel’s Uncanny X-force #1 written by Sam Humphries and drawn by Ron Garney. Even though Matt was NOT going to pick this up he is glad he did and Neil is happy to borrow a copy of the book anytime! Special Feature is about 80’s comics. Matt brings out an old Booster Gold issue from 1986 while Neil talks about his big Judge Dredd book that was also created in that era. Enjoy the show!

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  • Review #1 (5:57) Matt and Neil review Dark Horse’s – Conan #1-12
  • Review #2 (14:40) Matt and Neil review Marvel Comics – Uncanny X-force #1
  • Special Feature (22:54) 80’s Comics


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  • Dereck February 24, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Thank you guys for this podcast. I loved hearing about the old 80’s comics. I have been looking at starting to pick up the old Judge Dredd stuff as i love that character and now with Neil’s review I am def going to start getting them. I look forward to more podcasts. Keep up the good work. Oh have you thought about going longer on time? I enjoy them so much but they seem to end to early for me. Thanks again!

  • Neil March 5, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Hey Dereck! Really happy you like the show. I will put a bug in Matt’s ear to see what he thinks about running a little while longer. We will have to do some more retro stuff in the future. On the Stash’s main page there is a Back Issue bin to the future feature that you should check out. Right now it has Savage Dragon! Glad to hear judgment is coming to your home. Dredd is a lot of fun! Cheers.