Crowd Funding Flash: Circus
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Pozible LogoThis week we’re going clear across the globe to feature a graphic novel project on Pozible’s crowd funding platform. Pozible is based out of Australia, and has just barely begun to host comic book projects. I’m hoping it gives way to more projects we might not otherwise have seen from the area. Projects like Circus, written by Will McLaren with pencils and inks by Leandro Panganiban.

Circus takes place in the 1930’s and will be a 100 page graphic novel in black and white with tones. The story follows a cast who are the remnants of a once great show that goes up in flames. What’s left is an act that resorts to violence, crime and risque entertainment in order to survive. Want to know more? Give the project video a listen or jump down below to see how best to help this project reach it’s goal!


What’s the Money for? At this point there are only six pages of art done as well as the snazzy cover. The basic goal of this project is to fund the art and printing of the entire 100 page graphic novel.

The Goodies: I’m a big fan of the pledge tier setup with this project. At the lowest level ($5) you come out with the 25 page first chapter of the book and at $10 you also get all the Tales of the Circus back-up stories. The cheapest and best use of your money is at $15, where you get the entire 100 page graphic novel in digital format. The coolest thing though, while the project is in development, is that the team will let you read each 25 page chapter as it finishes! If you gotta have that printed copy in your hands, then move that pledge up to $25 and get all the above rewards plus your book mailed to you with your name inside as a contributor!

Want more? Along with the above awards, a measly $35 will also get a signature, small sketch, bookmarks and a postcard! $50 will get your name mentioned in-story, $75 will buy you space in the back to feature some of your art as well as a link to your portfolio. If you can go higher you’ll have the chance to have your likeness playing an active role, a variant cover, sketches, and a five or even 10 page story written by you!

Sign Me Up! Pozible works just like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Just visit the Circus Pozible project page, create an account and pick the pledge tier you like in the right side column. If you don’t want to miss out on news and announcements about Circus, you should go and Like the Facebook page or follow @Circuscomic on Twitter!

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