Crowd Funding Flash: Kickstarter Double Feature
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kickstarter-logoThe crowd funded comic train is still chugging along full steam ahead, most notably through the website  I’d like to save you some time and guesswork this week by featuring two projects from that site that are definitely worth your hard earned (possibly gifted) dollars: Memoirs of the Mysterious and Eyes of the Hurricane.

Aside from each of these offering a great product they also both come with a guarantee of sorts. Granted, it’s an IMAGINARY guarantee that I’m making up, but it’s still worth noting. The managers behind each of these projects, Joe Badon for MotM and Inverse Press for EotH, have a solid crowd funding resume. Not only have they run previous projects, they’ve been successful multiple times AND maintain a solid reputation evidenced by repeat backers and an ever growing fan base. So what are these projects all about? Keep reading…

Memoirs of the Mysterious pin-upMemoirs of the Mysterious – By Joe Badon

MotM is a 60 page digital graphic novel anthology that is loaded with 4-6 page short stories that are sure to delight fans of old EC Comics and the Twilight Zone series. Genres covered include mystery, suspense, slice-of-life, horror and sci-fi. 11 artists and 11 writers have joined forces to bring you a book that seriously has EVERYTHING! In the vein of old EC, it even comes with it’s own creepy narrator, Doctor Gangrene (pictured right – artwork by Kelly Williams).

Goal: $1000

Pledge Rewards: A silly $5 will get you the FULL PDF download of the book. If you want a little more bang for your buck, I suggest jumping in on either the $10 or $25 pledge amounts to get even more digital comic content! If you’re looking for more, I suggest browsing the rest of the pledge list for a chance at some original artwork from the book.

Sign Me Up! Visit the Kickstarter project page to see preview art, creator bios and the full list of pledge levels! Project ends on December 14, 2013.

Eyes of the Hurricane – Inverse Press

Eyes of the Hurricane - Art by Amanda RachelsAs far as I know, this project is a crowd funded comic first. Roberto Acosta was a backer of one of Inverse Press’ first projects, Clown Town. Eye of the Hurricane is a culmination of his pledge reward, to receive the full art on a story of his choosing to be written by Kevin LaPorte and drawn by Amanda Rachels.

EotH is a self contained 20 page comic inspired by events that Acosta experienced during 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, while living in the town of Magnolia Springs. When the eye of the storm passed over the town, Acosta stepped outside and encountered a hummingbird, a symbol of absolute peace in the middle of utter devastation. His experience has grown into a tale where tiny people (think pixie size) sent that hummingbird as a messenger to help them find shelter from the storm.

Goal: $1000

Pledge Rewards: A digital copy can be had as cheap as $5. I suggest going in on the $10 print copy level to get the signed/numbered Kickstarter exclusive cover AND a 8.5″ x 11″ pin-up! If you’re feeling spunky, you can get even more by backing at the $30 hardcover level, which includes a 10 page never-published short story by the creative team called The Lil’ Liberator!

Sign Me Up! Click the link to head over to the Eyes of the Hurricane Kickstarter page and choose your pledge level! Project ends December 18, 2013.

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Stay tuned for my soon to be launched Kickstarter for Metaphase, a graphic novel inspired by my son and other little heroes with Down syndrome, with artwork by Kelly Williams! A 10 page preview of Metaphase is available for FREE on ComiXology from Alterna Comics! Please read, rate and share!


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  • Erik Brooks December 5, 2013 at 3:42 am

    Hi Chip,

    Entering the last two weeks of my fist Kickstarter: and I’d love for you to take a look.

    I’m a children’s book author/illustrator by day, so I’m a little on the “outside looking in” to the world of comics & crowd funding — although I certainly took mega inspiration from early days of Spiderman & Daredevil, Donald Duck and Calvin & Hobbes, in to my career as an artist. I’ve been having a blast creating a weekly strip for the last 3+ years, and I’m equally excited to put together a great book (and some pretty sweet rewards if I do say so myself) for those that can help.

    Thanks again and I’ll be on the lookout for Metaphase in January!