Crowd Funding Flash: Pawn Shop
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kickstarter-logoBack in June I interviewed the talented Sean Von Gorman, who eluded to an upcoming Kickstarter campaign in the works with writer Joey Esposito. That project, Pawn Shop, is now in development and in need of your support!

Pawn Shop is dubbed a slice of life story. It doesn’t take a mutant gun toting hero into outer space, nor does it involve characters with ridiculously exaggerated features and expressions exchanging blows. Instead, each chapter of the book follows a different character who will eventually cross paths with the rest of the cast through a Manhattan pawn shop, exploring the connections any of us may have with the casual passerby. Now, grab your coffee and take a seat to hear this two minute video pitch about this project!


So, who are the creators? If you’d like to gain in depth knowledge of the zany antics of Sean Von Gorman, just click the link above to read the exclusive interview. Otherwise, just know that he has a stellar book coming soon called The Secret Adventures of Houdini and is a comic artist, creator, and escape artist…for REAL. Joey Esposito has previously achieved success on a Kickstarter last year for his comic Footprints and has worked on Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls as well as a back-up story for the recently released Grim Leaper.

The Why: Without flashy monsters and big explosions it’s hard to drive interest in a story like this. This is the type of story that is perfect for Kickstarter. It completely depends on it’s audience to make it happen, and I have faith that this down to earth tale will have no trouble. I’d like to see more books explore “everyday human existence,” and the overexposed super-hero crowd may be ready for just that!

The Rewards: These guys have plenty to offer, and one of the more unique awards I’ve seen! For $10 you can get the digital copy of the book, and for another $15 you could have that plus a signed and printed copy with your name printed in the acknowledgement section of the book. $50 gets you an additional art print, digital download of both creators’ previous works, AND a CD mix tape to play while you read! There are other great rewards, but the one I’m most fond of is having Sean Von Gorman himself show up to perform his straightjacket escape in person!

The How: If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, don’t run away! It’s as easy as a few clicks of the mouse! Just visit the Pawn Shop Kickstarter page and choose your favorite pledge award in the right column at the price that’s right for you! Your credit card will be charged ONLY if Sean and Joey reach their goal of $7,000 by August 22. Keep up with news about Pawn Shop by following Sean (@VonGormanArt) and Joey (@joeyesposito) on Twitter!

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