Crowd Funding Flash: Vex
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kickstarter-logoRemember that guy in high school you always dreamed would be the recipient of some epic geek revenge? Vex promises to do just that to an unsuspecting jock who finally annoys just the right person for the job – the gypsy lunch lady! Co-Creators Brian Shearer and Daniel Paris write a story that drags our pubescent protagonist through a nasty curse that brings whatever people write in his yearbook to life! How awesome is that?! And the icing on the cake? Shearer’s perfect-for-the-book artistic talents! Get the additional skinny from Brian in the project video below!


What’s the Money for? One of the cool things about this project is that the book content is basically done. That means a quicker turnaround for you to get your hands on those pledge awards. The funding raised will pay for the first print run!

The Goodies: Think this looks awesome, but don’t have the dough? There are two PDF reward options that will nab either just a copy of the book ($5), or an additional PDF of Brian’s 93-page art book ($10)! Want that new book aroma to fill your nostrils? Just $25 will get you the 150 page graphic novel mailed to you. Higher perks will earn you sketches, prints, and signed copies!

Sign Me Up! Head on over to the Vex Kickstarter project and pick your pledge today! Make sure to spread the word as the project end date is approaching fast on May 17, 2013! If you’d like to give Vex a try before backing, you can read the book for free at If you’d like to keep up with the Vex team you can follow along on Twitter (@brian_shearer or @Danny_Paris).

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