Crowd Funding Flash: The Zipper Club
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Indiegogo LogoAs excited as I am to share crowd funding projects of the comic book persuasion, nothing makes me happier than spotlighting one that strikes a personal chord. The Zipper Club does just that. Writer Len Wallace created the story based off his own history as a survivor of a congenital heart defect, something my own son has experienced, times two. Wallace uses his experience to write a story for kids who have been through this and any type of illness or adversity, which is interpreted visually by artist Brenda Liz Lopez.

This campaign was originally published as short stories in a six issue run of a Grayhaven Comics anthology series called The Gathering. Following the success of this Indiegogo campaign, those 27 pages of short stories will be reprinted with an added 13 pages of new material!


What’s the Money for? The $4,000 goal of this project will go toward funding the printing for the first Zipper Club Annual, paying the artist (a little), and making some copies that will be donated to pediatric cardiac care centers around the country. When all said and done, a portion of the book profits will be donated to the American Heart Association. Pretty sweet deal! Stretch goals will come along depending on how far the funding goes.

The Goodies: Need to keep it cheap? Even at ONE DOLLAR you’ll get a PDF copy of the team’s first collaborative work, The Valentine’s Day Massacre. $10 will get you a PDF of the project title, and $15 will get a printed copy signed and shipped to you. For an extra five smackers ($20) you can get an exclusive variant cover personalized to anyone you want! Got extra cash and really want to make a difference? There’s perks that will nab you sketches from either creator, a three panel newspaper comic strip starring whoever you want interacting with the members of The Zipper Club, and even a role in the next book!

Sign Me Up! Just visit The Zipper Club project page, and click the perk you want on the right side. When you’re done doing that, make sure to spread the word to all your friends via social media! Don’t wait too long… project ends on May 14, 2013! If you’d like to keep up with Len, you can find and follow him on Twitter (@LenNWallace) or visit his website here. If you have one of those Facebook accounts the kids are all raving about, you’ll find The Zipper Club there too.


Zipper Club Art

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  • Mary Deighton May 1, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    i really like the zipper club i think it is important to reach out to others and get the message out about disabilitys thank-you for putting the work in on this.

  • Chip Reece May 1, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Thanks Mary! I agree, and excited to see more projects like this telling stories about inspiring characters like these.

  • Tony Dillard June 8, 2013 at 10:25 am

    My wife and I started a reading program at the clinic in which she works. There’s lots of lower income families with kids whom are in the waiting room and such. The comics are most popular. Books that involve people with disabilities are fitting too! Keep up the good work. Little projects like these go a long wayyyyy!