News Flash: X-O Manowar #1
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The Summer of Valiant is almost here! And X-O Manowar #1 is kicking it all off. A few of us at StashMyComics are highly anticipating the relaunch but one in particular is more excited that the rest. I have it on good authority that SMC’s own Tim Morse soiled himself when he first heard the news about the relaunch. But, bodily fluids aside, check out what X-O Manowar and Valiant have in store for this summer.

Stay tuned next week for a special Back Issue Bin to the Future from Tim Morse that kicks off a whole month of Back Issue Bin columns about the Valiant Universe!

X-O Manowar #1 Esad Ribic CoverBorn into battle, Aric of Dacia — heir to the throne of the Visigoth people — has never known peace.  After a brutal encounter with a mysterious enemy known as The Vine leaves him a prisoner on an alien world, the only hope Aric has of returning to his family and saving them from slavery is to seize a weapon of incalculable destruction and become X-O Manowar! The Vine destroyed Aric’s world. Now he will give them war.

The landmark, 40-page first issue of the all-new Valiant Universe from New York Times best-selling author Robert Venditti (The Surrogates, The Homeland Directive) and Eisner Award-winning artist Cary Nord (Conan)!

The Summer of Valiant is coming — and it all starts right here this May 2nd, only in X-O Manowar #1!

In addition to what Valiant had to say, X-O will have covers from Esad Ribic, Cary Nord, David Aja, and Jelena Kevic and will carry a $3.99 cover price.


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  • Chip Reece March 30, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I won a print of that Esad Ribic print. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Just had my LCS reserve this #1 for me today!