Say What?! Things from comics you won’t believe exists #86
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Raising The Stakes!

The Lord of the Vampires — the great Count Dracula himself — enjoyed a notable run at Marvel Comics in one of the finest comics series of the 1970s … The Tomb of Dracula!

In that seventy-odd issue run, the Undying Fiend feasted on more hapless women than you could count, falling on victims in fog-shrouded alleyways from London to Istanbul.

But when he came to Boston, the Count almost got more than he bargained for …


Call it the strangest cross-over that never happened. It’s too bad Drac didn’t corner Carol Danvers in that Beantown blind alley — I’m pretty sure that no-nonsense Ms. Marvel would have knocked ol’ fangs into next week, and saved clowns like Blade and even Spider-Man a whole world of grief.

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