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X-Men: First Class movieChip Reece says:

Saw this last night!

I think it had the same feel as the first two X-Men movies, which may in
part be due to Singer being producer on this installation to the franchise.
Apart from a few cheese lines and a goofy looking Beast, I thought
everything looked great. There will of course be some hard core fans who
don’t like the changes made to continuity, or the fact that the only original
X-man is Beast in this flick. I felt like this movie was enough to please the
comic fanboy, and still not alienate the general audience. I would also like
to give props to Kevin Bacon for a job well done. Had my doubts about him
in that kind of role. I would rate this movie as a B+. Be warned if you take
children there are a lot of scenes with scantily clad women being seductive.

Jason Newcomb says:

I thought this was great! Loved the way it was weaved into the Cuban missile crisis and dove tailed quite well into current X-Men movie “continuity” without getting bogged down by it. I got a little confused because I have just a passing familiarity with the X-Men and it took me a while to get used to the new characters I didn’t know well – I may have preferred to see more characters already in the franchise at a younger age such as a teenaged Cyclops and Iceman as a child. I also felt it took itself seriously enough to appeal to my intellect - especially with Magneto’s character arc – but did not overdo it on the gags and jokes. The funny moments it did have got big laughs with the crowd I watched it with. It’s a little long but I never got bored or felt that it dragged. All in all I don’t regret my money and feel this is one of the better superhero movies.

Chemist 52 says:

I saw it Friday. I liked it! Granted, it wasn’t perfect (did anyone else think Xavier seemed kind of like a pompous jerk…?) but I enjoyed it. Though, I’ll admit that I don’t know much about X-men (I’m a DC fan :P).

I really like Magneto! Especially in the first part of the movie. He’s a great character. Mystique was good too. I liked that they tied in what happens (happened?) in the first three movies into her back story.

But…why wasn’t there an extra scene after the credits? I feel cheated! And if Stan Lee made his obligatory cameo, I didn’t catch it.

Devil Soprano says:

Top 5 comic book movie of all-time. Possibly top 3 with just Dark Knight and Iron Man being above it for sure. In time, it might even pass Iron Man for me.

xxsparksx says:

It passed my expectatations. Magneto and Banshee were the best characters. I love when they tried to get Logan to join, best part of the whole movie.  Kevin Bacon was great, I didn’t like how his power was represented in the movie.  8.7/10


Looks like this one’s a winner!


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