Podcast – Episode #10
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Double Digits! We’ve reached number 10 and we have a great time talking about some cool news including Todd McFarlane, Punisher in Space and more. We review Witchblade #154 and Steven finds another comic in his pile he doesn’t particularly care for. Lastly we have Toy Time where we talk about comic book related toys.


  • Comic Book News (1:55): Steven talks about Todd McFarlane doing a bunch of cover work for Image Comics.
  • (4:00) Matt covers the news about the big Dynamite Comics event “Prophecy” coming out this summer.
  • (6:20) Steven is excited about new DLC for Batman Arkham Asylum featuring Harley Quinn.
  • (8:50) Matt and Steven both agree the Punisher in Space is a great idea.
  • (10:15) We mention Avengers vs. Xmen and how we are not picking it up. Although it looks pretty good so far.
  • (15:35) Matt reviews Witchblade #154 by Top Cow and really enjoyed the book. If you need a new indy book to pick up give this one a shot.
  • (21:00) Steven grabs a random book from the now defunct Next Comics Zenotech and finds it to be really bad.
  • (34:37) Our special segment is Toy Time where we talk about…Toys!

Total running time: 49:51

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