A StashMyComics.com User Review: Hawkeye Blindspot #1 (of 4)
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This review is by stash my comics user Niko Kaylor aka AvengersFan223 at the forums.

The main theme is in the title: Hawkeye is going blind. Written by Jim McCann, the story is easy to follow, and Paco Diaz drew everything so it is nothing under great. The first issue in this four issue mini series is important to read in the series, because it is the basis of the story.

The story starts out with the Avengers fighting Tiger Shark, Absorbing man, and a couple other villains. Hawkeye Shoots an arrow and misses, which he barely ever does. Luckily Iron Man is behind to save him from the bad guys.When they get back to the Avengers tower Tony Stark confronts Clint Barton telling him he “took a blow to the head” while he was in Russia and now he is going blind. Dr. Donald Blake (Thor) them tells him in medical terms exactly what is happening. That makes Clint think into his past and remember exactly how he became Hawkeye. Later Tony gives Hawkeye a new cowl to help him sense motions and Tony also gives Clint glasses to wear so he can see when he is in civilian clothing. Then out of nowhere Trickshot – Hawkeye’s old mentor – is seen being rushed to the Avengers hospital after he was found beaten on the steps of the Avengers tower. He warns Clint about the man who did this to him – not telling who it was – and then dies.

I recommend this story to any one who likes Hawkeye, the Avengers, Marvel, or even superheroes, because it is excellent. The conclusion of the book will leave on the edge of your seat, wanting to read more! As you may or may not know this book came out around February, but your LCS (local comic shop) may carry the back issues.

Script 10/10 – A great story – and like I said earlier – easy to follow
Art 9/10
– Great to look at and matches with the story

Parental Concern Yellow to Orange for Mild violence

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